TILA training workshops in progress

The TILA training period has officially started. On 17th May, the first TILA training session was delivered at The Godolphin and Latymer School in London (UK). A total of 16 secondary school teachers specialised in language teaching (French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian) learnt about how to integrate telecollaboration in their language classes. They also became familiar with tools such as the virtual world Opensim or the videoconferencing software BigBlueButton. A second session will take place in the school in early June.

During the next few weeks, more TILA workshops will be delivered in Spain, Holland, France and Germany. You can find the provisional schedule below:

1st June 2013- Valencia (Spain) Session 1
8th June 2013- Valencia (Spain) Session 2
13th June 2013 – Utrecht (Holland) Session 1
21st June 2013 – Paris (France)
28th August 2013 – Saarburg (Germany)
September 2013 – Utrecht (Holland) Session 2

Happy training to everyone!

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