Workshop: the integration of social media in Teacher Training Education

On the 29th of October we organised a workshop on the integration of social media in education. The workshop took place at Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Tilburg, The Netherlands). Teacher trainers of different target languages  (English, French, German and Spanish) joined the session. After discussing the individual uses of social media by the participants, we analysed the affordances that different applications (Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, Facebook, Skype or Voicethread) offer us to promote collaborative learning not only among the students enrolled in a course, but focused on the possibilities such tools offer us  to promote Telecollaboration: language learners in geographically distant locations engaged in collaboration through tasks and project work to develop their foreign language skills and intercultural competence.

We organised a Skype session with Robert O’Dowd (coordinator of the European Project INTENT) who shared with us his experiences on integrating telecollaboration projects in education. He showed the challenges (computers and networks working properly or the importance of finding a reliable, committed partner) and the added value (learners’ motivation,  communicative growth, intercultural awareness, developement of social skills) of integrating telecollaboration in the curriculum It was a very inspiring session to all of us!

This initiative fits into the cross-fertilization strategy followed by both projects, INTENT & TILA, that fosters cooperation and sharing  best practices with one another.  We look forward to more collaboration activities!! Thanks once more, Robert.

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