Workshop with secondary school teachers

Secondary school teachers of English, French, German & Spanish from Berlage Lyceum (The Netherlands) participated in an intensive workshop-afternoon we organised at Utrecht University on the 31st of October. The hands-on workshop focused on the challenges that integrating Telecollaboration brings about in the curriculum. Special attention was devoted to the tools, the logistics when organising synchronous communication sessions with peers abroad and specific needs. Having good computers, a fast broadband internet connection and ICT support is a crucial aspect in order for telecollaboration to be feasible at all.  School boards and colleagues would need to support teachers experimenting with telecollaboration activities.

The importance of having committed, enthusiastic and flexible partners abroad who share similar pedagogical objectives, was also addressed. Synchronous sessions, one of the greatest challenges within TILA, have to be planned on a specific timeslot; it’s being quite difficult to find equivalences in the course schedules among partners. This requires flexible and open attitudes towards organasing sessions outside the normal classroom time. We are a step closer to the real telecollaboration pilots to be carried out between November (2013) and February (2014).

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