Speaking & learning about other people

In the pilot stage students who participated in the TILA-project had to fill in a background questionnaire. This questionnaire concerns information about the students’ affinity with languages, about technology at school and students’ preferences and behavior considering technology. We had response from 77 pupils from 8 different institutions (secondary schools). The answers show some interesting tendencies. One of them is when it comes to which elements of foreign language learning students like the most. From eight listed elements the most favorite part seems to be Speaking, followed by Learning about other people and Pronunciation. The least favorite is Grammar. This preference for speaking and learning about other people, rather than learning the grammar, fits well with the idea of the project: communicating in the target language and developing cultural competence. TILA (and telecollaboration in general) offers the students the be involved in a real intercultural communication situation, something nearly impossible in a regular class. Do students think that the use of digital tools may contribute to learn languages better and more? A majority of the students (66.3%) answered ‘agree’ or ‘totally agree’ on this question.

Results about the students’ experiences will follow soon…

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