technology-problems-552x368In a previous blog I already mentioned the technological issues which arose during some pilot sessions. The user experience questionnaire which all participating students (number = 73) had to fill in after each session, contained some questions about the way technology worked. The questionnaire actually ascertained the findings already described: technical aspects such as the ease to start and use the tool are scored satisfactorily overall, but unfortunately technical problems did occur regularly. Most problems had to do with sound and with a bad internet connection. Sound quality even had the lowest score in the whole questionnaire (although still with an average score of 2.9 on a 5-point Likertscale).

The good thing is that even though technical issues were quite prominent, sound quality is the only thing scored negatively. All other questions from parameters such as Tool environment, Feelings while interacting and Performance have (highly) positive scores. These results will be discussed later, but it seems that the overall experience of the students was one of enjoyment, despite of technological problems. One student even described her experience exactly like this. However, the problems still need to be solved. In follow-up stages there should be a focus on how to resolve and reduce problems with technology. Even though it ultimately does not really seem to matter to students, a telecollaboration session should also be successful in terms of, for example, the amount of effort necessary to make such a session possible. Not only students, but teachers have to stay motivated as well!

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