Students’ experiences

In the pilot stage 73 pupils from secondary school filled in a user experience questionnaire about each telecollaboration session they carried out. In the previous blog the results about technology are already discussed. This parameter was the only one with some lower scores. All other parameters are scored high, indicating that students have had a positive telecollaboration experience. A short summary of each parameter is given below:

  • Tool environment: students like to communicate and to learn in the tool environments. There is a slight preference for using video above using an avatar. Furthermore, they like to meet students from other countries in the tool environment, an important aspect considering the aims of the TILA project.
  • Feeling while interacting: students score generally positive on their feelings during the interaction with respect to comfort, motivation, satisfaction and especially enjoyment. However, they do think that they could have done better in their native language and with more time to think. Additionally, in general students felt nervous speaking in the target language.
  • Importance and Performance: it was important for students to perform well, for example, they find it important to understand the other student. Interestingly, students find speaking fluently the least important. The performance itself was scored a bit lower, but is still positive.
  • Overall assessment: the online tasks are seen as enjoyable, interesting and useful for language learning. Finally, students indicate they would like to use online tasks with students from other countries more often!
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