Exciting new TILA collaboration between France and Spain

martina (1 of 1)We are happy to report on the start of a new TILA partnership! A group of students from Colexio Apóstol Santiago (Vigo, Spain) and from Collège Pierre et Marie Curie (Dreux, France) are now working together in their English classes.

Their first and eagerly awaited telecollaborative session took place a couple of weeks ago and a second one has been scheduled for early December. The students communicated via written chat so far, although their very enthusiastic teachers, Marion Méranger-Galtier (Collège Pierre et Marie Curie ) and Julio Soler (Colexio Apóstol Santiago), are looking forward to trying out the virtual world OpenSim. The students were very excited after the first session and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Here are a couple of comments from their teachers:

“At the end of the period, most of the students were telling each other how cool this was and how great chatting with their e-pals had been. A few of them even thanked me for setting this up for them.” (Marion Méranger-Galtier)

“Using TILA has given my students the opportunity to face real communication, in real time, with real people. So real that they were all very excited (weren’t they all digital-natives?), eager to chat and, at the end, very happy sharing with their classmates what they had learnt about their French partners. Thank you, TILA!!.” (Julio Soler)

We look forward to your next telecollaboration session!

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