Full programme TILA conference

Interested in knowing how technology can be applied in the language classroom? Would you like to see how students can interact with others in a virtual world?

Discover the results and affordances of telecollaboration tools used in the EU funded TILA project during the TILA conference to be held at Utrecht University (Drift 21) on the 16th of April in the afternoon.

During this conference, you will learn about the experiences of teacher trainers, teachers and students participating in the project, about the importance of intercultural competence in language teaching, about best practices in task design and the acquisition of 21st century skills in the language classroom.

You’ll find here the conference programme and here the presentation summaries!

Interested in knowing who the speakers will be? Click here.

You can follow live the TILA conference using the following link: http://lecturenet.uu.nl/Site1/Play/c35ad616ef244329b2a519b719dbe5c01d

Do please contribute to the discussion on integrating telecollaboration in leanguage teaching by addressing your questions, comments or views to our twitter address @tilaproject
We will discuss them during the roundtable at 16.30 CET.

If you plan to join the face to face conference live in Utrecht do please fill in this form.

Learn with us how to take your language teaching practice to the next level!

For more information visit our TILA website.

Short videoclip TILA


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2 Responses to Full programme TILA conference

  1. Hello,
    What is the weblink for tomorrow conference if I am not student / employee at your university. I already fill in the form. I would like to watch the conference from France but apparently after clicking on the link, I am supposed to have a solis-id / password…

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