Improving the quality of foreign language teaching and learning processes by means of meaningful telecollaboration among peers: that is the aim of the European project Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition (TILA). The project is funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme and will run from January 2013 to 2015.

The TILA project seeks:

  1. to innovate and enrich language teaching programmes at secondary schools and make them more motivating and effective by stimulating telecollaboration for intercultural awareness with peers of other cultures;
  2. to empower language teachers and teacher trainers and contribute to the development of their ICT literacy skills and organisational, pedagogical and intercultural competences for telecollaboration, by promoting experiential learning in telecollaboration tasks development, implementation and evaluation;
  3. to study the possible added value telecollaboration might have in language learning for intercultural understanding of younger learners.

TILA aims to offer actual practice and hands-on experiences in telecollaboration activities. It promotes professional development by addressing digital, intercultural, pedagogical and organisational concerns for the successful integration of telecollaboration practices in language education.

The latest information about the TILA project can be found at this blog page. More information about the project itself you can find here.


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