Last webinar on OpenSim now on-line!

Enrich your language teaching with something absolutely fascinating? Watch our latest webinar on 3D worlds. Stunning! Check

Our webinar series is now over. It is all on our Youtube channel. Watch what we have shared with you about tools, tasks, intercultural telecollaboration, teachers’ impressions, and the organisation of telecollaboration exchanges.
Want to start today with exciting exchanges for your pupils? Contact us now. We can provide assistance if needed.

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Webinar: Organisation of Telecollaboration Exchanges

Did you miss the TILA webinar about organising telecollaboration sessions? No problem: it’s now on-line at . Watch it now!

Tomorrow is your last chance to attend such a TILA seminar live. Wanna be there? Then sign up quickly on


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Webinar intercultural telecollaboration

It was another great webinar last Tuesday, about intercultural telecollaboration. Of course it is now on-line, so if you have missed it, watch it here. It is full of practical tips about how to approach international telecollaboration in your class.

There are still two interesting topics to come. Coming Tuesday a very experienced TILA colleague will outline all the organisational aspects to take into account when setting up exchanges with other schools. And on Wednesday 10 June we will end our webinar series with a stunning way of working together on-line: accomplishing tasks in a 3D virtual world, whilst talking another language and learning about intercultural communication.

How would you feel about missing these webinars…? It’s much better to sign up right away here. So see you soon… on-line!


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Webinars 2 and 3 on-line

Our webinars 2 and 3 are now on-line: . We continue on 2 June with Intercultural communication. Very promising! Check our programme on  . Sign up soon, it’s free!

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Our webinars on-line!

Unable to attend our first webinar on-line? Willing to watch it again? The first webinar, about Telecollaboration tools, is now available on Youtube ( The other ones will be upoaded there as well, but of course nothing compares to attending them live. It allows you to share your own experiences, and to have your questions answered by TILA experts. So join us now, on It’s free and signing up is easy!

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Preparing 1st webinar on telecollaboration

Thrilled to start our series of six interactive webinars on telecollaboration in the language classroom, on 18 May. After two years of hard work we can now share the results. Amazing what telecollaboration can offer! Want to know more about the various tools you can use in your classroom? Then join the first webinar on 18 May. It’s free! Check the program and register through .

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Webinars on telecollaboration in foreign language teaching

In May and June 2015 the TILA consortium will organise six different webinars about telecollaboration (TC) in the foreign language classroom. These interactive webinars will last 1 hour each and will be moderated by experts from the TILA consortium. You can join these sessions for free and get answers to all the questions you may have about TC tasks, 3D worlds and other TC tools, teachers’ experiences with TC exchanges, etc.

For registration: see

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